Thursday, 24 April 2008

First attempt at a bag with a handle

I didn't use a pattern with this bag. When I got to where I inserted the handle, i decided to try one of my bag handles which had been lurking at the bottom of a box. I pulled the knitting through the handle and then continued knitting. Not sure about this one cos the weight of the wool from the handle means the bag doesn't sit properly...shame.

More toys

Bob the builder and Eeyore....

Bart Simpson

Bart was designed by me and made for a work colleague of mine.

Harry Potter and Hermione

I made these two for my neice (inspired by Jean Greenehowe's designs).

Knitted mermaid

This is an Alan Dart design as published in Simply Knitting magazine. I decided to make her using yarn from my stash...and I am rather pleased with her!

My currect stash of knitted toys

I decided to get out all the toys I have made to see how many I have stashed away in boxes....

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Getting started

I've decided to switch host for my blog as this seems a much easier to use format. Of course now I've got to upload any saved photos from my old site to this one...