Thursday, 30 September 2010

Say goodbye to September

Almost another month gone. I am always saying how quickly time is passing by but it really does feel it. Strange because I always seemed to be waiting for my days off work and each shift at work seemed to be never ending. However, now each shift disappears too quickly - we all think so, it's like we've just started and suddenly it's time to go home. I don't know if it's because the kids routines are more time constrained, so we always have to be attending to some need of theirs - whilst trying to fun stuff in between! - or who know's what?? (I work with children with disabilities)

I get alternate weekends off and it used to be ages between them but it doesn't feel it anymore. Probably does to Darren, as these are the only days we have together (evenings do go too quickly and I do work some evenings too) and if I'm working he's home without me (and car!!)

I never seem to have the time to do anything, although partly cos I can't be bothered to do some things. I'm the sort of person who can cope without a task being started but once started it has to be done to perfection!!

Darren has finished working on the Zombie web series, so now our weekends and evenings can be just for us. Although I have said that I want to crack on with some decorating. This weekend is my 1st weekend off with Darren not working on the series, so it'll be just having fun...but my next weekend off will need to involve house stuff.

As it has been unbelievably cold here lately  - in fact we even had the heating on this week. I just couldn't get warm on Tuesday evening so we gave in and put it on. It hasn't been on since and I hope we don't need to again for a bit. It is just so expensive and once the heating goes on it'll probably be on til March/April. ...SO...I have been cracking on with my granny stripe blanket again. Darren and I worked out on Tues how much more I needed to do but I can't remember if it was another 30 stripes or 30 rows (each stripe is 2 rows). Anyway, so far I've done 5 more stripes (10 rows). It's getting closer to being finished - I really hope it was 30 rows though!!! It is so snuggly under it, I am wrapped up with it as I continue making it! Well, better get back to the blanket....hopefully I can post some finished pics of it soon!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Got that Autumn feeling....

Yes I think Autumn has officially arrived - although of course we all knew that summer finished AGES ago!!!!

What a busy gal I've been lately - not much time for anything, especially blogging or catching up with my forums gossip!!

On Saturday Darren and I walked along the canal with Lady to Saltaire Festival it is a lovely walk from our house and took us about 30 mins. This obviously includes time stopping for Lady whilst sniffing and watching the ducks and swans. We also had to take cover twice under bridges as it started to absolutely chuck it down! Great start to the day!! But...the rain did stop and by the time we got to Saltaire it was sunny and warm. We started off in the newly renovated has been beautifully restored to this - if you want a look. Saltaire is steeped in history and I won't bore you about it but if you are interested check this out.

There were singers, bands, Guiness record holder strong man, LOADS of food and craft stalls, kids rides, small animals petting area. It was a great day!

Then to top it off we popped in to see Darren's great aunt who lives in Saltaire - she really is a wonderful character, in her 90's but full of life and fun!!

Knitting has also kept me busy. After I finally finished the teddies I've been making more BSJ's and matching hats and bootees. With the amount of things I've made I'm not sure I can find a box big enough to send it all in!!!

Nothing else really worthy of blogging about...most of the time I've just been working!!!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

More teddies for tragedy

These are for the Loving Hands Autumn Challenge. I have made 23 so far....took me long enough to get round to finishing the poor things but they are finally ready to be loved by children!!

I do love making them as they are so quick and simple but I hate sewing up so I had knitted all 23 then couldn't be bothered to actually sew, stuff and embroider their faces!

It is overwhelming to know that something I have made will go to a child who has nothing or has experienced a horrific event. I just hope that the teddy can help.

Baby Surprise Jacket with extra long sleeves

This is still the pattern I have used before from here but with longer sleeves -  the modification is on the pattern.

However, myself and Goose on Let's Knit forum have both found the pattern to be confusing and well er, wrong!? But despite this we both managed, in different ways, to make lovely modified BSJ's! The main pattern, if not making longer sleeves is fine, as seen in my previous blue BSJ.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

September already

Ok so it doesn't seem 2 minutes since it was my last post about the bank holiday weekend!!! Hope you all had a good one. Like I wrote I was at work...but we had friends up, so I only briefly saw them on Sunday morning before they went home I went back to work. They came up to help Darren do the special effects make up for the web series Zomblogalypse that he has been working on with his mate Ian. Personally I can't wait for it to be finished as it has meant we've had very little time together this year (again) due to the time it takes to make things, all done in evenings and weekends.

Anyway, I cannot believe that it is back to school today for the kids at work...summer hols are over. Sorry kids!! Parents all over the country are rejoicing!!!

So knitting - well inbetween my blankie I have been busy making teddies for tragedy for Loving Hands - but unfortunately I wasn't able to send them in time for an urgent appeal by 1st Sept. But there is still the original request so I'll be stuffing and embroidering faces onto my teddies for tragedy again today...I knew I shouldn't have made so many and not stuffed as I went. 23 teddies sat in a bag waiting to be stuffed is alot of teddies!!!! They have been sat there a while too!! I've only got 9 left at least. I'd love to get them all done before the weekend (which is definately possible - unless I get fed up!!)

Was thinking about making some school jumpers then. But I'm really trying not to buy more yarn so might have to stick to everyday jumpers...of course the not buying yarn never works and I'm sure if I come across the right colours they'll get bought!!!!

On a personal note, I have lost another lb this week!!!!!

Well breakfast calls as does cheesy tv (Jeremy Kyle and Judge Judy - great to slob on the sofa with as I stuff teddies!!!)