Thursday, 28 July 2011

Been a while - heck it's been ages!

So I'm still here. Didn't realise just how long it'd been since I last blogged. I won't go on about stuff but life has been complicated and unsettling. Alot of heartache and pain.

My brother has been very poorly since I last blogged. In and out of hospital. Only home now cos they have given him IV medication to take at home. These make him sick. He has isolated himself and as he is in London it isn't easy for us to help him. His wife (oh the things I could say!!!) is being horrible to him. He has had to move out of home. He hardly gets to see his son. He is only out of hospital so he can still work and provide for them. All he does is have his meds, work, meds and sleep. We just keep hoping that he will beat this virus without it destroying him and his health. The meds have nasty side effects and long term issues from the virus itself.

Our beloved cat Charlie was run over by a speeding car on our normally quiet street. Our neighbours heard it and came knocking at 11pm on June 14th to tell us. He died quickly thank goodness. Our dog Lady has been greatly affected by this. Lady and Charlie were really close. Seeing him in the road though is something I will never forget and really wish I could. Love you still Charlie xxx

Then a few days later our guinea pig died of old age, leaving our rabbit all alone. They were very close too, always cuddling and grooming each other. Ted is an old rabbit who has had lots of strokes. He has really gone down hill since Becks died and I wouldn't be surprised if he went soon too. x

Job uncertainty with the country in the state it is in. We all got letters re redundancy but were then told at a meeting a few days later that our jobs are safe for the moment. Whilst we do need to lose staff, as we have vacancies, they are just not filling the vacant posts.

There's more but heh that's enough.

Thank goodness for Darren. He is my rock. x

Thank goodness for knitting too!!

Hope all is well for everyone else and for those who are having problems xxx