Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Free Mobile Phone/Ipod Case 3

Oddments of DK yarn
4mm needles

Pattern can be adapted for length and width of mobile phone or Ipod.

I’ve used 2 colours (pink one) and a variated colour (blue one) but you can use any combination you want!!


Cast on 32sts

Work in gst for 43 rows (either in one colour or 2 rows in 1st colour, then 2 rows in 2nd colour)

Row 44. Cast off 26sts, K to end (6sts remain)

Work 12 rows in gst on these 5sts

Row 57. – buttonhole – K2, yrn, K2tog, K1

Row 58. K to end

Row 59. K to end

Cast off.

Make Up:

Fold in half length ways. Sew up from cast on edge to row 44.

Button strap can be on either side:

For pink:

With seam at centre back, oversew cast on edge together.

For blue:

Keeping seam at edge oversew cast on edge together.

Then for both turn right side out.

Sew button onto case to match buttonhole.

Place mobile/Ipod in and enjoy!!!


  1. Brilliant...all I need now is an but chances of that are slim to non:(

  2. A mobile phone will fit too!!

  3. very nice Liz, as silvi said I also could do with an i-pod, but I can use my phone in it instead, great idea!!!!

  4. Great idea. I crocheted a case for my old phone but don't need it now as my new phone has a case with it.
    I hope you're enjoying rading Twilight I read all 4 books in January and I'm 43!!!

  5. I'm actually using the blue one for my new camera!!


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