Sunday, 28 August 2011

Grrrr shoppping!!

Ok - seriously does this happen to you? We go to Asda to buy bleach and baby wipes - interesting combo I know!!! We buy dvd's, naughty things for tea, stationary for and get to the car, load in bags and realise....bloody hell WE DIDN'T GET THE WIPES OR BLEACH!!!! Can't be bothered going back in though!!


On a happier note I did buy a big basket full of nice cheap acrylic yarn from Wilkinsons - great for charity knits, toys, kids gloves and of course what I'm using to make our blankets!!

Who's morning would you prefer?

Ok so it's a Sunday morning and it just occured to me how different mine and Darren's were today (and probably every other one!). This is from 8.30am ish to now (11.55am)

  1. Woke up
  2. Turn computer on
  3. Let dog out in the garden for the toilet
  4. Fill sink with hot soapy water and put dirty plates etc in 'to soak'
  5. Make coffee for us both
  6. Go on Facebook and drink coffee
  7. Back into bed as cold
  8. Make 2nd cup of coffee for us both
  9. Back on Facebook
  10. Take dog out for walk

  1. Wake up as Darren leaves me a coffee
  2. Drink coffee
  3. Go put 1st load in washing machine
  4. Wash up things left 'to soak'
  5. Back into bed as cold and read a bit with 2nd coffee
  6. Emptied, cleaned and re-filled 4 de-humidifier containers
  7. Cleaned bathroom
  8. Hoovered the house
  9. Put away new toiletries
  10. Hoovered the sofa - we have a dog!
  11. Put 2nd load of washing on
  12. Hung up 1st load of washing to dry
  13. Soaked all dishcloths in bleach
  14. Made the bed
  15. Had a shower and Darren said he was taking the dog out
  16. Sat typing this whilst Darren is still out with the dog!

Mmmm who's Sunday morning would I have preferred!!!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

August Bank Holiday Weekend!!!

Well what is everyone up to? Will this be a typical bank holiday weekend and rain? Maybe we could get seasonal weather and we'll have sunshine and warmth.....hmmm....shall we take bets!!!?

It is my weekend off - which is great news!! Will we be doing anything? I'll let you know later...I'm rather sore after an incident at work involving me, a kid and a body slam into a door. (Just so we're clear I was the one body slammed....I don't tend to do that to the kids!!! ;) ) Ouch.

I was thinking yesterday that I haven't been posting any of my knitting/crochet. I will have to remedy this and also put up some more of my free patterns. Don't hold your breath though! I do forget and then get caught up knitting. But who wouldn't, eh?!

In my absence from blogland I have mainly been making things for charity and working on my 2nd granny stripe blanket (from Attic 24 - thanks Lucy! My 1st one can be found on my blog). In fact I was doing charity knitting and my blanket yesterday. The blanket only comes out when it is cooler as I have to sit with it draped over me as it is so big. I think I'm on my 65th stripe. I'm aiming for 80 like my 1st blanket but Darren seems happy with it as it is - and this one is for him! I made the original one so big because we were going to share it...but I selfishly decided it was all MINE!!!! I love wrapping up in it!!! So I started on one for Darren and the deadline is autumn/winter. Which of course it will be ready by then (I hope!!)

So my aim to to take pics of what I've been doing and type up my patterns. I still haven't taken pics of inside my storage boxes....Remind me and remind me till I do it!!!

Take care and have fun!!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Great News!!!

Some people may know that I am a student social worker - my employer is paying for me to do this with the Open University. Well last March I went off sick with horrific migraines and sickness just a few weeks into my final year - bummer!

Work were unable to let me re-do my final year this year (my social work courses run Jan-Oct) due to ALOT of changes at work and financial situation....To be honest I'd pretty much given up hope of doing it. Let's face's been a while...I'd boxed up my books etc. Dismantled the big table in spare room. Was looking at doing something for me - maybe a history degree or Theology masters...

Then last week I was given some hope. My managers manager rang me. Am I still interested? Of course I said yes I am!!! Some issues still - would I be able to go on placement for 6mths with all the stuff going on at work. Is there the money to split my final year over 2 years as UK uni fees are going up...

My hope was to do the non-placement course in Jan 2012, so I can still be at work. Then go on placement the next Jan. I was also worried that as it's been a while since I did anything - would I be up to speed for the placement - ie being in a fast pace social work team and doing full time uni!! The thought did scare me and screamed FAILURE!!!! this post suggests - GREAT NEWS!!!

I got an email sent to me at work- it had been sent last Friday but it was only cos my supervisor forwarded it to me at home yesterday that I knew about it (we have no office time in hols just busy working with the kids!)

We will support your registration this year to complete one (Non Placement) module which I believe starts in January 2012. The recommendation from the university for each module is to offer 18 days study leave and you will have a further 6 taught sessions at Leeds. This will therefore give you a total of 24 days. As I would suspect the work will become more involved after a couple of taught sessions I would propose that you take one day off per week from March (Inclusive of taught sessions) which will give you sufficient study leave prior to your hand in date around September.

We will then support your final placement specifically in a local Safeguarding team (As previously agreed) of 100 days the following year (2013)."
YIPPEE!!!! I can finish my social work degree!!!! It's gonna mean alot of hard work and catching up with previous work to re-fresh myself but I've got ages til it starts - just checked and the course I'm going for KE312 Working together for children starts beginning of Feb 2012.
Then I'll have from Oct - Jan to prepare for my placement!
Yay!!! I'm so happy I had to share!!!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

65 today!!!

No not me you cheeky devils!! It's my dad's 65th birthday today and he is officially an OAP!!!! He did take early retirement a few years ago due to job cuts, so he is well into the life of leisure and gardening...but now he will be better off because he will recieve his pensions (state and private)!!!

My parents have gone away for a week to Scarborough - escaping the possibility of a party perhaps??!

I do feel old knowing that my dad is a pensioner! Better start looking for nursing homes eh dad!!! ;)

Seriously though - Happy 65th Birthday dad xxx

Friday, 19 August 2011

New storage reveal!!!!

So here are the pics of my lurvely new, slightly obsessed with, knitting storage unit! It fits perfectly along the wall - you can just make out the door frame. There is the perfect amount of space on top of it to store boxes with the items I have made....really need to organise a craft fair to sell them!!!

Here are some pics of some of the items....

I have loads of magazines. Files with bought patterns and printed from the internet. Boxes full of gadgets. My knitting looms.

The wool by the light switch - thank goodness it is still accessible, even if now within the unit!!! - is free stuff from magazines.

My knitting books.

Why did I buy the kits here? Cos they were cheap!!! Will I ever make them?? Probably not!!!

A crochet bag with my WIP blanket. More magazines.

Speaks for itself!

Clothes, bags, gloves, hats, scarfs, purses, ipod/mobile phone covers etc that I have made.

Toys that I have made.

More clothes, hats and scarfs.

I did think about taking pics of inside each box too but decided that was a tad excessive...or should I???! Maybe a bit too sad really!! Needless to say they are full of wool. One box has some UFO's.

So I love it.

Have I mentioned that I love it?

My stash has a nice home.

No longer scattered to the four corners of the house.

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!'s still more to squeeze in!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bed time yet??

Is it sleep time yet? Don't you hate it when at 5.50am the alarm cruelly wakes you up....Nooooo I wanted to scream but I wasn't even awake enough for that...I HATE mornings!!!!!

I hasten to add that for a morning shift this is later than normal - thank goodness for school holidays when we start at 7.15am rather than between 6 and 6.45am!!!

I actually don't think I even have the energy to knit.

More shockingly is that despite being giddy all day at work about the thought of arranging the contents of my last stacker box of wool into my lovely new unit; (I also have my needles, knitting looms, boxes of buttons and other such necessities to find a spot in the unit.) I'm too tired to do this :(

I know that if I started to do it I would get frustrated if it didn't fit/look right (I'm gemini and everything has to be just right!!!), then it would ruin the whole fun of I will put some clean pj's on after my shower. Go downstairs and snuggle on the sofa with my doggie and a book...then probably fall asleep!

Shhh don't tell but it's my day off tomorrow!!!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

New storage!!!!

Look at my wonderful new storage unit from Ikea normally £129 but I got it for £96.75 - it's on offer this month with the Ikea family card! Really glad I waited to buy it!! Only found out it was on offer the morning we decided to go to Ikea to get it!! It is fantastic!! We built it in an hour yesterday. I then started to fill it with my knitting books, magazines, packs of wool etc!! I have also bought 8 red plastic boxes which go in the unit, I will use these to neatly store my single balls of wool.

Darren commented that it looks like a wool shop in our spare room now - in a good way. Before everything was piled up in a corner or in stacker boxes. I'm soooo excited and happy - it finally feels like my knitting has a proper home and is valued! How sad is that!! I will take a some pics when I have built the flat pack boxes and arranged everything properly.

Go now and buy one - you know you want to|!!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


What is going on with this country - 4 days of riots and looting! Shame on you all. Is it your community you are destroying? You'd all be pissed off if your home or business was destroyed. I hope you are all caught, charged and receive appropriate sentences. Shame also on those who protect these scum by not reporting them to the authorities!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

London Baby!!!

On Saturday Darren and I went to London for the day. We got up early (6am), caught a direct train, which was great cos we usually have to change in Leeds, we got there about 10.15 am. We spent the day with our friend Pete but met up with my brother for the last hour at Kings Cross before leaving at 7.30pm, again on a direct train!

Pete is an FX bloke too so we did the shops for Darren. We stopped for a coffee at Monmouth Coffee which Pete loves. Which I have to admit was beautiful!! The chocolate brownie was to die for...Mmmmm

We had lunch out at a fantastic pub called Waxy O'connors Amazing interior, reminded me of Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree. Food was lovely too!

Rather disturbingly, Pete took us to....M & M's world

 The question is why????

After we had done the shopping thing...we did the tourist thing!!! We headed out for a walk along the Thames.

 I took 61 photos of us in London, Darren filmed far too much!! But the last photo was of me and my baby brother in Kings Cross station!!
We had a great day out, mainly because we were together with a friend and my brother. The weather was perfect too.

Not a strand of wool was found for me to buy, but I did see some very cool horror/sci fi knitting books in Forbidden Planet, which I did resist...I'll check them out online for cheaper prices!! Cheeky aren't I!!!