Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Time off work

I am now off work til next Monday!!! Whoohoo!!! Shame i couldn't get yesterday off, that would have been 9 days off!!!! What's more amazing is that I've only taken 2 days off (as time owed), the rest are my days off. Not bad considering I work full time!!! Our rota has changed this week and I've got extra days off it seems, not that I'm complaining!! I normally work 1 weekend, then off the next weekend, then work, then off.

I was off the weekend just gone but cos of the change I'm off this weekend too!!!

So I've had a slow morning. I've had my shower now. Gotta dry my hair and get something to eat.

I've got lots of plans for my time off:

  1. knit more
  2. sort and tidy away uni stuff
  3. sort and tidy away paperwork
  4. sort and tidy away knitting
  5. catch up with my best mate who I haven't seen since our bdays in May!!!!
  6. de-clutter as much as possible
  7. rest and enjoy being off work!!!
  8. write up new patterns for my blog

Today I shall enjoy 1 and 7, possibly 4 as well!!

Have a good week everyone!

Monday, 21 September 2009


I hope everyone had a good weekend. I was working but still it was nice. We went on an outing with 2 kids and went for a picnic at Studley Royal yesterday. The weather was beautiful and really hot. A nice part of my job!

I've just got home from work and what a difference a day makes...wet and cold. It is officially Autumn tomorrow but I think we've all known it's been autumn for a few months now. Leaves turned colour and dropped in August. Acorns and conkers have been out since end of August.

It's my day off tomorrow...I have no plans really except the usual housework and knitting!!! Oh and I'm having my hair done. Just looking forward to the weekend...I'm not working and weekends are really the only time Darren and I get together...the downfall of shift working.

Anyway night night...just wanted to check in and natter about nothing really!! x

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Prize I won from Let's Knit

MOTM goodies!!!!

So...what do you think??!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I love Wednesdays!!!

Why??? Because I have the day off!!! I thought I'd be less busy with no OU work but it's been crazy busy this week. Think it's cos I've been catching up with everything.

I've hardly done any knitting, just occasionally been knitting some squares for my blanket and some teddies for tragedy. I need to look for my next project. I've got a lovely ball of wool waiting for me to make something for Michael - just need to chose which pattern.

Ok oh my god....had to break off from writing this as the postman came...with a's my MOTM box of goodies!!!! There's loads of wool, some needles and a lovely bag to keep them in!!!!

I can't believe it!!! WOW!!!! Gotta find the camera and take some pics!!! I'm such a lucky girl!!!

Oh yes I almost forgot I also won a prize with the Let's Knit online competitions, I've got a goodie bag of jewellry making things....I can't believe what I've won in the last week!!! Yippee!!!!!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Ok so I'm checking what I've been missing on the Let's Knit forum at Crafts Beautiful and was directed to read this thread:

Time sure is flying by - it is already the first Monday of the month, which means it is time to make a special announcement.
September is a brilliant time of year - the weather is getting colder and the run up to Christmas is on the horizon. A drop in temperature won’t trouble our new MOTM as she has plenty of knitted treats to keep her warm! We’re so happy to see that the knitters have settled in and really made the CB forum their own! They’ve certainly inspired a few other members to pick up the needles and get clicking again
One knitter stands out as a really lovely lady to be around, she was one of the first knitters to arrive on CB and has been a real help to others joining. Her knitterrific abilities are well known and we are delighted to announce that Buzy Lizzy is the September MOTM! Congratulations to our first Knitter MOTM!!! PM me your address and we will get a bumper stash of knitty treats out to you straight away
Thanks also go to Wiggley who will hand over her crown to Buzy Lizzy

That's me!!! I've been awarded MOTM!!! I'm going to get some goodies!!! Wonder what I'll get???

What a great day!!!

It's Wednesday!!!!


Ok so is everyone ready to enjoy 'me' time?

I kind of started yesterday afternoon after I posted my last essay but I don't really think housework counts!!

I'll be slowly plowing my way through blogs and forums. I've got 2 knitting mags that came on Monday (yes I opened them but not even peeked inside them yet!!!) so I'm going to look at them with my morning coffee.

The house, whilst not exactly needing Kim and Aggie to pop round, does need a good tidy up. Bits of college work all over, charity bags, boxes for putting stuff in whilst we decorate (ok so we still need them but they look a mess), paperwork all over the place etc.

But today is 'me' day....I'll catch up with you all asap...enjoy the day everyone, cos I will!!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I need 'me' time

I seem to be so busy lately with work and my studies - nothing new really but it's getting to me. I suppose because the end is in last essay is due in next week and then I'm study free til end of next Jan.

I want, no I need time for me. Just time to sort through the piles of paperwork, take stuff to charity that's been sitting in bags since we decorated the lounge, time to write out patterns I designed ages ago, time to read my blog list and forum posts, time to knit....time to think of nothing.

Sounds selfish??? I don't care anymore!!!!!

I need 'me' time!!!!!! Anyone who wants to join me from next Weds, you are more than welcome!!!!