Friday, 31 October 2008


Anyone off to a party or trick or treating? We were going to go out but it sounded crap...we like to go fully dressed up, especially as Darren is a special effects make up artist! So we're staying in with Most Haunted and Dead Set....can't believe E4 announced last night that Dead Set will be shown in full tomorrow night! When all week it's been in 30min installments...

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Snow anyone??!

Well does anyone have snow? We haven't :( It has been cold and a bit frosty in the morning but that's about it...which is unusual for here, as we normally get snow if it's around. It is lovely to see photos of children playing in the snow...they don't often get to see it now. I feel left out....! However, I'm glad that we have our power still, as I read that across the country many homes are or have been without power. I hope that it is back on soon for everyone.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Most Haunted Live! and Dead Set

Well we decided to leave Most Haunted Live for an hour last night to watch Dead Set. We really enjoyed it, best BB so far!!! It is a pain that this week, at the same time each night, both programmes are on. At least the next episodes of Dead Set are only on for 30 mins, so we won't miss much. However, tonight is also CSI Miami on Ch 5! .....not that our evenings are governed by tv at the minute!!!!

Getting there!

Well I washed our bedroom and the spare bedroom curtains yesterday! I can't get the lounge ones down, will have to wait for Darren to get them down.

I've just cleared my desk! Only a bit more tidying up and the spare room will be done!! It is very satisfying having got things done. I had a clear out/tidy up of our lounge, dining room and kitchen last week. So all that's left is our bedroom and the computer room (which is really just going through paperwork).

When I've tidied the spare room I'm going to get out my stock for the craft fairs and see what I've got, what I want to make next etc

Monday, 27 October 2008

Things to do...

My 'to do' list is growing and growing daily. I might give up on sleep, see if I can get more done that way! I've got so many things I want to knit. I want to sort out my office/spare room, I abandoned everything when my exams finished and things are getting out of control!! It'll take me an hour to find the table surface! With it being half term I'd like to invite my neice to come and stay...but she might like to fit in the room! I want to wash all the curtains, but as it never stops raining...I can't get them dried!

Maybe I need to make the room a priority! It'll be lovely to have her come over to stay!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Most Haunted Live!

Did anyone watch this last night? Creepy! We were snuggled on the sofa and I brought the duvet down. Our cat and dog both act freakily when we watch this! Lady suddenly looks towards the tv as they scream or whistle for 'spirits' to copy! Charlie seems to catch anything invisible to us! Can't wait for the 2nd night tonight and all the way up to Friday!!

Lately I've been....

....knitting teddies, 9 so far. I haven't stuffed them yet though.

I've booked a table at a craft fair (2 dates, 1st in Nov and 2nd in Dec), so I am now making a few extra bits for that mainly hats and scarfs and Christmas items. I've already got 6 stacker boxes of things I've made! It's not about making lots of money, I'm always making things but I've no-one really to make them for, so as long as I can cover the cost of the table and wool etc , that's all I care about! Any extra is a bonus!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Loving Hands Challenge

The new challenge is in which runs to the new year, the group did amazinging well for the last challenge. This is the challenge as written by Lou (founder) on the site....

Here you go then - you have all been ever so patient waiting to hear about the new challenges - this challenge will run from now right through to New Year so it is definitely Winter Knitting :0)
While I was ill we had loads of emails and two of them gave me the inspiration for two of our challenges.
The first one came from Alice a student at bristol University. She is a member of the Kenyan Orphans society charity group and is going over with a large group of fellow students to help out. She requested 300 teddies with their bags to take with them to give to the orphans as a way of 'breaking the ice' and helping the kids to trust them. I thought this was a lovely idea - we have 10 bears to start this challenge off already so just 290 bears and 300 bags to go!
The other email was from a church group who are helping a community in Zambia - they are looking for blankets of all sizes for an Aids Hospice, School and Orphanage - apparently there is a great shortage of bedding and the temperatures can drop so low at nights. It would be great to be able to send them 200 blankets to help out their charitable quest :0)
We have also decided to help out the Sailor's Society again this year and are looking for 300 hats to send them to help the sailors keep warm - as we are now almost 300 in number this should be simple :0)
Specially for our stitchers we have a challenge just for you - we are looking for 100 pairs of pyjamas or nightdressesfor Linda McDonald's orphans - I believe Suzanne will still have some of the packs of fabric and patterns available for this challenge as we didn't get any made last time round. Thought you would like a special challenge for yourselves this time. Obviously we will still need the teddy bags as well if you want something quick and easy to do :0)
Needless to say if none of these challenges appeal we still need all our usual things so feel free to continue with warm clothing for all ages for Blythswood or Linda McDonald or if you like fiddly things then toys for the orphanages or knitted boobs might fit the bill.

I'm setting myself a target of a least 30 teddies for this challenge and when I get fed up of making them I'll some some hats and blankets!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

My current W.I.P

It's a simple blanket pattern: Can use any thickness of yarn and needles. Any number of sts to c/o and work as many rows in each colour as you to work it out first though!

I'm using oddments of DK yarn from my stash and 3.75mm needles

c/o 72 sts work in gst throughout

1. k34, K2tog twice, k34

2. k

3. k33, k2tog twice, k33


continue to decrease 2 sts in centre of alternate rows until last row has 2 sts, k2 tog and fasten off.

I worked the pattern in stripes of 8 rows, alternating a light and dark colour.

It has grown since I took this photo...I've managed a square each night as a treat after studying, now I'm study free I'll fly through it!!

Sneaky pets!!

Ok so I go to make the bed and...


Exams are over!!! Yippee!!! I had a 3hr exam on Monday and another yesterday...that concludes this yrs OU courses...nothing more I can do but wait for the results. Let me emphasize that having sciatica and a bad back DO NOT go well with 3hr exams. But I got through them with lots of painkillers...probably too many but never mind.

I can now do lots of knitting guilt free!!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Loving Hands parcel

Well I remembered to take a photo of what I made and sent to Loving Hands. This was my 2nd parcel. I made 2 cardigans, 2 balls, 7 teddies, 2 hats and scarves sets and 8 scarves.