Monday, 21 December 2009

Winter blues

Hi everyone (if anyone is still out there reading my blog)

Can't believe I've not even been on here since Oct. I've not been on knitting forums either.

Just not been in a chatty mood really.

I've been keeping busy making things for my gorgeous nephew Michael who was born on 11.11.09 Congrats to my brother James and sister-in-law Anh (who had a very long and difficult labour - hope you are ok soon! xx)

We are hoping to see them on Boxing Day had better improve for the journey!!

I got my uni results last week. I have passed my second year. I start my final year at the end of Jan 2010...well done me!!!!

We had gorgeous double glazing fitted last Tuesday. Bargain deal...£5000 for 12 windows (inc 2 bays and the exterior cladding between them) and 2 doors, georgeon style and the best eco/energy friendly ones - thanks Safestyle UK...they make our house look much nicer. No more black mould growing on the wooden frames. No more exterior rotting. No need to ever paint them!!!

I'm not at work today as when I set off at 6.30am the roads were lethal. Not been treated at all. Our street hasn't been since the start of the snow so it is an ice rink anyway, but even the main road was slippy. I got so far and stopped to ring work to say it was too dangerous to come in. I work 20 miles away. It took me 20 mins to travel 2 miles (that was the round trip from stopping car to going home)!!!! Normally I'd be half way to work!!!

Well that's some of my news....hope you are all ok.

I will try to catch up on everyones news.