Thursday, 7 January 2010

Yippee no work!!!

Ok so I've just spent 40mins clearing the snow and ice off my feet are freezing!!!

We live on a side street which has a steepish slope from the main road....I could see that traffic on the main road was moving VERY slowing with lots of cars having hazard lights wasn't looking forward to joining them.

I decided to ring work (due there at 2pm) to see how is was there (20 miles away), so I knew what conditions I might face and how much time I would need.

My manager answered - we were just generally chatting about the snow etc and laughing at my snow clearing, when she said that 2 kids had cancelled this evening due to the weather, did I want to take annual leave - of course I said yes, as I've got some left to take. Then she said I could also have tomorrow off!!!! It's then my weekend off!!!! Yippee!!!

So I now have a lovely cleared car but not going anywhere - oh well it needed doing!!!

I think I will catch up on some knitting and sorting through the chaos after having the double glazing done, Christmas and friends staying over.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowed in and New Years Resolutions

Ok so I'm not exactly snowed in but it's pretty bad out there. I rang up work this morning and left a message that I wouldn't be in but if they wanted me in I'll try and get there. I got a call from my manager about an hour later...she's not gone in so she was ringing round everyone at has made it in - luckily today we have no kids at the centre - fingers crossed for tomorrow as I'm in with kids...

Apparently councils are running short of grit again. It's amazing how we don't seem to know how to cope with snow. Having said that I'm 35 and can't remember having ever driven in a winter like this!!!

Hope everyone has kept safe in this bad weather.

As for the 2nd part of my title - do people still make New Years Resolutions? I haven't consciously made any but I always vow to try and lose weight....never my blogging has lapsed post Uni and I start Uni again at the end of the month, I am going to try to keep blogging regularly and not lapse again.

I still haven't caught up with other peoples blogs and may never completely catch up but I do miss them.

Saturday, 2 January 2010


I hope that everyone has had a lovely time these last few weeks....Seasons Greetings to all!!

Happy New year to you too...another year, another decade. Can you remember the hype building up to 2000?? That technology wouldn't cope due to the renowned Millenium you think we're safe yet??

We spent Christmas and New Year's Eve at Darren's sisters house. Christmas was a nice family time but unfortunately due to the weather we were unable to travel to my brothers in London to be with my family (my parents had gone down a week earlier).

New Years party was fancy dress as usual - punk this year.

Then we hoped to go down to London this weekend - some twat has cracked our car windscreen and we just daren't travel the distance. Insurance is sending out Autoglass on Tues to replace it.

We are now having probs with our boiler...keeps turning off and we have to re-set it. Luckily a few weeks ago I upgraded our home care package with British Gas to include plumbing and the boiler. So I rang them yesterday and they sent someone out. He reckons that we couldn't claim within 1st 28 days and must have had it inspected first....certainly not what I was told. Then he told us that the flue wasn't right, the boiler needs to be moved and when it is inspected British Gas will refuse us til it's right....*%"^

Apart from that....... :)