Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve!

Isn't it exciting!!!

I finished work yesterday til next Mon. Darren finished at lunch time today til 5th Jan!

We had agreed that we were not going to buy each other pressies this Christmas because we are going away in January to London. So the last thing I expected was a delivery today from a florist! I've got a beautiful basket arrangement of flowers from Darren, including my favourites, lilies and yellow roses!! Darren I love you very much! Thank you for my beautiful flowers! x

I have cleaned the house today and done the rabbit/guinea pig hutches, cat litter box. Darren has just cleaned the car (big inside clean needed thanks to a VERY muddy Lady...naughty dog!). We took Lady out this afternoon for her 2nd walk, so we are now going to have showers and snuggle down to watch films on tv!

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to spend Christmas (inc Christmas dinner) with Darren's family, always nice with children around!

I hope that everyone, who celebrates, has a lovely Christmas! x

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Sniff sniff

Tis' the season to be jolly!

Or in our house the season to be full of cold!!

I've had one a week now and Darren started this week. Full on nasty colds...we want shares in Kleenex tissues (balsom ones to protect our noses!!)

One of the kids where I work compared me to Rudolf at the weekend! Charming! Although at least he was amused!

Then last night it was my works Xmas meal...lovely company and food. I only drank water as I was driving. We left the restaurant at approx 11pm, I was home by about 11.40pm. 1am, food poisoning kicked must've been this as I've not been sick with my cold. What a waste of £20!!!

Anyway...we've sent the last cards today and wrapped all the pressies. Only a week til Christmas Day!!!!!!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Craft Fair

Firstly a HUGE thank to everyone who visited/bought anything from my stall!

Where has the time gone....I was really busy making more things for my 2nd craft fair. I did remember to take photos of my stall this time, although as I had forgotten my camera they are taken with my phone.
I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the clothes stand I had next to this, which had my children's clothes and scarfs hung on it.
The turnout was quite disappointing at this fair, although I did speak to some lovely people, including a little girl who has started to learn to knit and sew, as she very proudly told me!!
Well I'll keep knitting and hopefully next years fairs will be better. The top prices are £6 for the large toys, to 40p for a mobile phone case, so I know that my prices are VERY reasonable! Anyway I knit cos I love to knit not the selling!