Friday, 18 July 2008



Oddments of DK yarn
3.25mm needles
Buttons or alternative for eyes


c/o 4sts
1. inc in each st (8sts)
2. p all sts
3. as row 1 (16sts)
4. as row 2
5. as row 1 (32sts)
6. starting with p row stst for 15 rows

Decrease for neck shaping:

21. K2 tog to end (16sts)
22. p all sts
23. inc in each st to end (32sts)
24. starting with p row stst for 11 rows
35. K2, m1, (k4, m1) repeat to last 2 sts, k2 (40sts)
36. starting with p row stst for 6 rows
42. K row
43. (k3, k2 tog) to end (32sts)
44. P
45. (k2, k2 tog) to end (24sts)
46. p
47. (k1, k2 tog) to end (16sts)
48. p
49. k2 tog to end (8sts)

Break and Thread yarn through remaining stitches. With wrong side facing sew up seam, leaving a gap for stuffing, turn right way out. Stuff and close seam.

Gather round neck.

Add features to your personal style of alien/monster!!


Sew on eye/s to your personal style of alien/monster!!


Make 2 plaits and sew on a shown.


1. c/o 20sts
2. c/off 5sts, k to end (15sts)
3. k to end, turn and c/o 5sts (s0sts)
4. cast off all sts

Sew c/o edge to c/off edge for 15sts leaving tube and 2 ‘fingers’.


c/o 10sts
1. k to end
2. k to end
3. c/off 4sts, k to end (6sts)
4. k6, turn and c/o 4sts (10sts)
5. k to end
6. K to end
cast off all stitches

Sew to body as shown.


  1. Thank you!! They are quick and fun to make and of course there are many ways to individualise them!!

  2. These are ADORABLE!!! Definantly going to knit a few of these!

  3. So cute, I have to make these lol


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