Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Photos from Dr Who exhibition

Here are a few photos of Darren (black t-shirt) and our mate Ian (white t-shirt) with the hyde fundraisers Dr Who characters!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Day out

Yesterday we had a nice day out at Spaceport in Seacombe (Liverpool). The main reason we went was to see the Dr Who exhibition because a Davros mask that Darren and his mate Ian (2 Baldies FX) made was on display, which they had donated to the Hyde Fundraisers. They are a lovely bunch of people who raise money for charity by getting dressed up at Dr Who characters. It was great seeing the exhibition and then the actual characters wandering around and chasing kids!

Monday, 15 September 2008

It's me again...

I've been a very bad blogger haven't I...although I can't believe where the time has gone!

Went to the GP this morning...still off work...and off for another 2 physio yet. Feel miserable most of the time with it. I bought an exercise bike yesterday, which hopefully we can put together this evening, although with the amount of nuts and bolts, it looks like a degree in engineering is required!

Thank goodness for our extensive dvd/video collection and my HUGE stash of wool...which keeps growing despite all that I've made whilst I've been off.

I've almost finished my 2nd big parcel of goodies for Loving Hands...gonna try and cram a few more bits and bobs in. I must remember to take a photo of what I'm sending this time....don't hold your breath that I'll remember though!!!

We've been (or rather I've been) having a clear out. Our house is full of clutter, about 99% of it seems to be mine. It's hard to be brutal about your own stuff but our house looks too cluttered and it's more stuff to dust (not my strongest housework task!!) So we have 6 bags for charity waiting to be collected...thank goodness we had a bag delivered on Fri saying they were collecting tomorrow, saves us a job of trailing into town. I just hope they come and that I don't have to wait til the weekend for it all to go to a shop (they've been sat in our dining room for about 3 weeks now and more bags just get added!)

It's such a pain cos I could do lots of sorting and tidying away but then my back kills and I suffer for the next day or so even worse than normal...little steps with it all...but it's so tempting cos it's such a mess on top of our wardrobes...

Oh and our sofas are here and so is our dinin room set!!! You wouldn't believe the trouble I had trying to find a good home for our old sofa and 2 charities would take them!! Unbelievable how you can't give some stuff the 2 chairs are waiting for the council to collect them and we're keeping the sofa (it's a 2 seater)...for Lady and Charlie, who despite our best efforts kept going on our new ones...having one for them has stopped them going on our new ones! I've just put a cream throw over it and it looks fine. I can't believe we have 3 sofas now and one is for the pets!!

As for the tv unit...I cancelled the order...let's just say problems with the company...