Monday, 31 August 2009

Bank Holiday Monday!!

And I'm working......Have a good one everyone!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Party time and you are all welcome!!!

Come join our online party at - we're there now waiting for you!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

My aliens/monsters

are in the latest Let's Knit mag!!! I thought I had already blogged about this - but I guess not!! Although I know it has been commented upon (thanks!). I was so excited to see them in print!! Even though I didn't win it was great to see them! The competition was to make anything using 1 ball of wool, our entries can be seen at: The winners were announced at: Well done to Buzyknitting who won for her great tea cosy and Nab who was runner up with a beautiful shawl. This is a reminder of my entry and the free pattern:

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Facebook anyone??

Ok so I have a Facebook account - hardly ever on there but Darren virtually lives on it.

I much prefer blogging, don't really know why...although as alot of this is about knitting/crocheting not everyone I know would be interested in it.

So my blog is read by my on-line friends and all those out in cyberspace who also join me (big hello to everyone!!!) but Facebook is for my friends....

...but I'm on here daily and rarely on Facebook...does that say anything about me? Or just that I like being able to write what I please on here, in a more diary form and Facebook to me is about getting together at the same time and chatting. Which again is great for Darren as the people he chats to are all over the world!

Or maybe I am just bored and wondering about silly and strange things???!! Feel free to set me straight!! lol

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Baildon Moor

Baildon Moor

Some photos I took when we went for a walk one evening. The heather was beautiful but as it was full of bees I didn't fancy getting too close to take better pics of it!!!

Isn't Yorkshire beautiful!! People find it hard to believe that this is Bradford....

New crochet bag

So this is my new bigger crochet bag. I managed to over come the base problems I had with the previous bag by working more tbr crochets into the foundation ring. I also made the bag alot bigger - which I had sort of forgotten about whilst moaning how long it was taking me to do!!!!

I apologise for the quality of these photos but they were taken with my phone - camera is no where to be found!! Probably in the garage with Darren (so maybe lost forever!!!)

I added a pocket to the front of the bag and did the last row of red with the same scallop shaping as the top of the bag.

Although it is currently being used to keep my Teddies for Tragedy in, I haven't finished it. I'm not sure what I want to do but it looks 'naked'. I tried adding buttons but they were too small. I've been looking at some crochet flowers and I think that's what I'll add...that is how Lucy at Attic 24, who's pattern this is, finished her's.
So until then....

Friday, 14 August 2009

No more being called Buffalo....

....we are waiting for Michael!!! Yep my brother and sister in law have chosen a name for baby buffalo. They are waiting for the middle name, they have asked her dad to chose a vietnamese name for them.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Draft excluders....

I never thought I'd become my grandparents but we need draft excluders...our 2 doors in the lounge needed to be planed but we took off quite alot to go over the carpet, so when they are shut there is a gap of approx 2cm.

I figured that since we need them, I could make them!! It'll use some of my stash (I've got some nice browns and creams to match the room) and be less 'old' looking (I hope!!)

No offence to anyone who has them...I now see the need for them!! Just glad I've plenty of time before we really need them.

SO I guess the question is, do I make plain stripped ones or more funky shaped ones??? Somewhere I think I have a pattern for a dog draft excluder! Thoughts anyone??

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Last day of our holiday

Where has the time gone?
  • We had a nice 1st weekend: Saturday we went to Leeds and the Royal Armouries; Sunday we went out for lunch and to see Harry Potter.
  • Then started the 7 days of decorating. Had a break and went out on the Friday evening to see Walking with Dinosaurs.
  • Been to Ikea hunting for a tv cabinet.
  • Been round local shops and retail areas looking for tv cabinet.
  • Had a day out in York.
  • Spent the day doing housework (but needed at least 3 days!!!)
  • Today, rightfully a day of rest.....
So...when can I book more hols???

Friday, 7 August 2009

York - we made it!!

Yep we made it....York we love you!!!!

We had a lovely day. The weather was beautiful and as we didn't have anything specifically to buy we just wandered around.

I did pop into Sheepish and bought a ball of wool for jumper for Buffalo. It's gorgeous, soft and acrylic!!! but ALOT more than I normally pay. It's King Cole Splash £2.99 for 100g DK. It's pale blue but it is a self patterning wool with cream, orange and green (shade 759).

I'm looking forward to making my next item for him with this! Oh and yes I can buy this as I have reduced my stash by a box!!!! Woohoo!!!!

I didn't even realise as everything is in such a mess in our house!! But I shall continue stash busting!!!!

Right, now I'm going to watch a film and crochet more of my bag - seems to be taking a while to do this one.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Todays jobs...

We put the mirror up in the lounge yesterday and 'built' the shelf but we didn't have the right screws etc to put the shelf up, so we'll buy them today. When that's up we've finished with all the dusty jobs (I hope!) in the lounge so we can start moving things back in!

What this then means is that I can get to my stash - my poor stash. We ran out of boxes for stuff in the lounge so I used my stash boxes. My stash was thrown into bags and is waiting to be found and put back again....I do like getting it all out and re-organising it, so I'll have something nice to do later today!!

I also want to put old videos and dvd's (we have a big film collection) into the new storage boxes and put them under our bed (we have a super king size bed so lots of room!).

We're also off to the hospital to visit D's dad, who 1 month from retirement has had an accident at work. He has an infection in his arm - he is a welder and hit his thumb twice within a few days. It swelled up after the 2nd time, as did his hand, and the GP sent him to hospital Tues evening for IV antibiotics. We don't know how long he will be in for.

Another busy day - our day out to York keeps getting put back.....

Monday, 3 August 2009

Well no Monday blues for me...we went shopping for things for our new look lounge!!!

We need storage for dvd's and our tv etc. Have got a few ideas, just hoped we could find something...but we didn't.

We went to Ikea, amongst many places....hopefully we'll find something soon.

We love our lounge by the way. Managed to chill in it yesterday evening after finally finishing (well almost...just a few bits to do like the doors need doing and rehanging).

My right hand hurt so much from painting etc that I couldn't do any knitting or crochetting last night - although I did have it next to me, just incase!!!

Well now we're home we feel more shattered than when we've been decorating!!!

We did buy some nice things....using vouchers we got for Christmas we bought:

From Argos - Lady's bed (which she lept onto immediately!!) and a new main light for the lounge. (saved us £34.99)

From Next - a lamp which has tall wooden reeds round it (sounds strange I know but lovely!) (saved us £25)

Then we bought a mirror and dried flowers from Asda (£21) and a shelf/brackets (£10.49) from Ikea, to go above the fireplace (we don't have a mantlepiece).

Gonna go make tea now and collapse in a heap.......with my knitting as my hands are the only part of me than can move!!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Walking with Dinosaurs

So yesterday we set off to Manchester to the MEN Arena to see Walking with Dinosaurs!!!! Promptly at 7pm the show began and after we got the stewards to remove the people who were sat in our seats, we were able to sit and enjoy it!!!! WOW what an amazing show!!!! I was lucky enough to be sat next to our nephew who LOVES dinosaurs almost as much as me!!! We were ooooing and ahhhing together and when T-rex came out we both sat still so he couldn't see and get us!!! I had a great time!!! Check out the web site at (there are also loads of clips on you-tube) and if possible get to see the show!!! Well worth every penny!!!