Sunday, 10 August 2008

Where has the time gone?!

Wow...time flies when you are decorating!!

We have done our bathroom and our computer room (smallest bedroom). They both look wonderful...took more work than expected, inc needing to replace a floorboard! Darren did a wonderful job as I was obviously not able to do much! Thanks babe xx

So I haven't done much knitting in this time, I've been making some more teddies as they are quick and easy to do after a busy day but I'm getting fed up of them so I'll start something different soon.

I have an unfinished project for a friend which I could complete in an I need to do that!

We are finally back online after over a week of pc problems...we were attacked by a nasty new virus which prevented us from logging onto Windows and sometimes I couldn't even get into safe mode...thanks to my brother I eventually sorted the problem.

None of our new furniture is here yet...but at least it gives us a chance to make room for's amazing how much mess you make when decorating! Lots of clutter to sort out...options: charity, keep, throw away, recycle and unknown. We're getting there slowly. All I know is if the rest of the rooms look as good as the 2 we've done, I'll be delighted!!

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