Saturday, 25 April 2009


I've been on a training course all week, TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention). It's VERY interesting and I really enjoyed it but talk about stressing over it...It was a 5 day course and we had a 3 part test yesterday. I was so chuffed cos I passed!!! 95% on the theory!!! WOW!

What it does mean is that I've done no housework all week, each day was exhauting and it was a 40mile drive each way (1 1/2hrs) but more importantly I've not done any knitting!

I've been very good lately at reducing my stash. I had a stacker box full of DK Sirdar snowflake which I didn't like knitting with, so I combined a few strands together and used my looms to make scarfs. I've got loads of them now!

So I was very chuffed with myself!

Then last Saturday we were in Wilkinson's and they had 50g balls of fluffy wool (great for scarfs) for 50p each. So I bought a basket full!

It's a good job scarfs are quick to make and that I give them to Loving Hands and sell them at Craft Fairs!

Today I feel like chilling and knitting.....

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