Monday, 23 August 2010

Family day out

On Friday it was my dad's birthday, so to celebrate we had a family get together. My younger brother James, his wife Ahn and son Michael (my scrummy 9mth old nephew) came up from London, my grandparents came down from Darlington, my parents from Harrogate and us from Bradford...all met up in York.

This was only the 2nd time we've seen our nephew - he is so big now!!! I loved holding him and he just kept looking at me and smiling and oh it was lovely!!!!

We all met at Varsity for lunch and to have a good natter - we were there about 2hrs. Then we headed off to Barley Hall, where James and Ahn got married 3yrs ago. We then headed to York Minster where they had more wedding pics taken. As this was the 1st time Michael has been to York, they wanted to take pics of them with him at both places.

I do love it when all my family comes home. We may have our strained moments (as I'm sure most families do) and we are not very emotionaly close but we are there when it counts. I do miss my brother too as he and I were very close growing up, supporting each other through my parents many arguments. But when he left for uni, he never came back home to live.

Anyway here's some lovely pics of us - especially Michael!! Darren is missing on all but a pic outside the minster, as he took them. I'm waiting for my dad and brother to send the ones they took of Darren and Michael.
Me and Michael (my brother is in the blue jumper)
Background pic of James and Ahn
My grandparents and Michael

My dad and Michael
Everyone but me as I took this pic
Then at 3.30 we said our goodbyes and everyone had trains to catch. Darren and I had got into York before everyone and stayed later to do a bit of shopping - but unfortunately we were not allowed to keep Michael...

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  1. Michale is soooooo cute:)
    Ah York I do miss it. Family get togethers cn be great specialy when everyone seems to be sread out all over the Place...makes it all the more special


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