Saturday, 21 January 2012

Absent blogger

Don't know why I haven't been blogging for the last few months. I keep meaning too but then I do something else. Not been reading the blogs I follow either so I've missed out on everyone's news. I must catch up!!

I've been busy knitting. Busy getting ready for the start of my next Uni course which starts on 25th Jan. My diet is going really well, I've lost 1st 11.5lbs in 20 weeks. For some reason I seem really focused this time...just need to keep it up and stick to Slimming World classes!!

Since before Christmas either Darren or myself have had a cold. I started with a chest infection and like a game of tennis it has been going to and fro with us...back to my turn again! I have asthma, which is generally only affected by colds and bad weather.

So at the moment wheezy me has been using it alot...til yesterday morning....1 puff came out (rather pathetically) then no more....AHHHH!!!!!! I was at work. Rang GP. I couldn't request a repeat prescription until 2pm. Ok...but I need it now....tried from 2-2.30...finally got through. It'll be ready Tues. NOOOO!!!!! I explained that its asthma medication and I've run out. Sorted. She'll ask the GP for an emergency prescription. Ring back at 5.30. Rang back. Not done. Ring at 6. Not done. 6.15. Not done. They close at 6.30. 6.25 not done. Gave me the phone number for the pharmacy, assuring me that if the GP writes one, they will drop it at the pharmacy next door which shuts at 7pm. 6.40 rang pharmacy, no prescriptions have been delivered yet. 6.45 they know some are coming but not there yet. I say to pharmacist I will come down just in case. I get there at 7pm, lights being turned off.....but thank goodness my prescription is there!!!! Sod paying first I rip out the inhaler and absorb it's goodness!!!!

What a night I had....a day of no inhaler really affected me....I lost count of the amount I used. I'll be needing a new one soon!!!!

Hope everyone is having a good start to 2012! x

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