Friday, 18 July 2008

Still off work...

I thought I would be ready to go back today but I'm still stuggling and I jarred it again when walking my dog yesterday (twice actually, once whilst in the woods and then when we got back to the car!!) So I'm off work til next Friday.

We had the start of our electrics this week...we now have lights in the kitchen and a centre light in the lounge. We have plug sockets that can be used not at floor level in the skirting board! Still to be done is a new fuse box in the house and in the garage and some more plug sockets in the garage/studio for Darren. It'll all be done ready for us to start decorating next Saturday (we're off for 2 weeks)...won't that be fun with my back...I think I'll be supervising most of it!!

On a brighter note I finally sent my first parcel to Loving Hands yesterday. My total was 12 teddies, a ball, a few blankets and approx 12 sets of hats and scarves. I forgot to take photos of them and to count the blankets, hats and scarves! Oh well it was only for personal interest! I'll have to remember for next time, although Lou (the collector/organiser of all parcels does take pics and put them on the charity forum!)

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