Saturday, 2 January 2010


I hope that everyone has had a lovely time these last few weeks....Seasons Greetings to all!!

Happy New year to you too...another year, another decade. Can you remember the hype building up to 2000?? That technology wouldn't cope due to the renowned Millenium you think we're safe yet??

We spent Christmas and New Year's Eve at Darren's sisters house. Christmas was a nice family time but unfortunately due to the weather we were unable to travel to my brothers in London to be with my family (my parents had gone down a week earlier).

New Years party was fancy dress as usual - punk this year.

Then we hoped to go down to London this weekend - some twat has cracked our car windscreen and we just daren't travel the distance. Insurance is sending out Autoglass on Tues to replace it.

We are now having probs with our boiler...keeps turning off and we have to re-set it. Luckily a few weeks ago I upgraded our home care package with British Gas to include plumbing and the boiler. So I rang them yesterday and they sent someone out. He reckons that we couldn't claim within 1st 28 days and must have had it inspected first....certainly not what I was told. Then he told us that the flue wasn't right, the boiler needs to be moved and when it is inspected British Gas will refuse us til it's right....*%"^

Apart from that....... :)


  1. great time for a boiler to go on the blink! hope the rest of 2010 is better for you & yours

  2. Oh nooooo, thats really rotten luck. Mind you, its good to get all the bad bits out of the way right at the start of the new year, then at least you can have a stress free time throughout the rest of the year. Hmm, thats the theory anyway, lol.


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