Thursday, 7 January 2010

Yippee no work!!!

Ok so I've just spent 40mins clearing the snow and ice off my feet are freezing!!!

We live on a side street which has a steepish slope from the main road....I could see that traffic on the main road was moving VERY slowing with lots of cars having hazard lights wasn't looking forward to joining them.

I decided to ring work (due there at 2pm) to see how is was there (20 miles away), so I knew what conditions I might face and how much time I would need.

My manager answered - we were just generally chatting about the snow etc and laughing at my snow clearing, when she said that 2 kids had cancelled this evening due to the weather, did I want to take annual leave - of course I said yes, as I've got some left to take. Then she said I could also have tomorrow off!!!! It's then my weekend off!!!! Yippee!!!

So I now have a lovely cleared car but not going anywhere - oh well it needed doing!!!

I think I will catch up on some knitting and sorting through the chaos after having the double glazing done, Christmas and friends staying over.


  1. Hurrah, isn't snow wonderful, lolol!?! If you are doing some knitting, do remember to take pics and show us what you have made. Pretty please.

  2. I will do. I'm just making a simple hat for a challenge on the Let's Knit website. The hats are to be given to the homeless and they sure need all they can get in this weather.


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