Friday, 25 June 2010

Catching up isn't easy....

...but it sure is fun!!!

You guys have certainly been busy with your blogs...puts me to shame! And I've also come across a gem of a blog via Lucy (Attic24), it is (link is also in my blog list). If you love crochet, Yorkshire, bunnies and life, then you'll love this blog!

I've only got one more blog to catch up on, which is Vanessa's 'Do you mind if I knit'. What's taking me so long you might ask....I've literally been reading every post, on every blog, since I last logged on back in January!

As it's late, please forgive me Vanessa but I won't start reading yours til tomorrow....and then there will also be updates from other blogs to read....can't believe I've not been doing this for so long! I love blogging and reading blogs.

Anyway, I'll head off....completely lost track of time.

Night night

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