Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Where have I been??....

Well certainly not here!!

Hope anyone who still reads me out there, is ok.

The last 6mths have been eventful, of sorts, but have gone by so fast.

I started my final year of my social work degree at the end of January, so initially I was just busy with that. However, at the beginning of March I started with migraines and sickness - on practically a daily basis - not something I would wish on my worst enemy! I was signed off sick from then until the 1st June. I have not been able to return to my course due to the amount of time I was off; so I am back at work.

The sickness is now controlled by daily medication and the migraines are greatly reduced - although i still get them and lesser headaches.

Fortunately before this all began we did manage to go to see my beautiful new nephew Michael. He has grown so much, he is now 7mths old!

Then, to make this time even more unbelievable, Darren was diagnosed with a hernia, late March. He had his operation on Monday - from the time of getting the operation appointment we've both been quite paniced in case anything went wrong - which thank goodness it didn't!! Love you babe xxx

So I have taken this week off work to look after him, he is very sore and does forget to slow down and not push himself. One of his wounds opened slightly yesterday, well it had been overnight on Mon, so I had to ring the hospital for advice; also, thank goodness, his mum is a community nurse, specialising in wound care, so she popped round! But he is doing well overall, just very sore and exhausted. He's having a nap now...

Oh and 2 weeks ago our lovely dog ran into a rusty metal pipe in the local woods and cut the side of her face open! Yuck - I felt very sick when i saw it but she was brave - had to have stitches in her face. Bill £290, thank goodness for insurance so we only actually paid the excess of £90. But we'd have paid the full amount for her!

As for knitting....well being off all that time I have done loads of knitting! You wouldn't believe how much! My general everyday stash (mostly acrylics in the stacker boxes, not my big bag from Kemps; which incidently I have only just started using yesterday!! If you are wondering what I am talking about I did post some pics AGES ago but just believe me I have a big stash and I've used alot of it up) reduced by 1/4 -1/3 perhaps....however, as it was my birthday in May I bought some more!!!! Just acrylic at 99p a ball, think it was about £25 worth, so that have only just fitted in my boxes. No more purchases for me!!!

So is anyone still awake? Darren isn't! lol

On a positive note, I decided to re-start dieting. Lots to lose. Really annoying that despite not being able to keep any food down for over a month, I didn't lose any So in 3 weeks I have lost 8lbs! Which I am thrilled with! But it is only a start.


  1. Sounds like you've all been through the wars a bit. Doggie's accident sounds gruesome so big hugs to him from a fellow dog lover.
    Glad to see you back blogging.
    Sorry you have had to stop college for now but dont give up on it if its what you really want. I have too many regrets to

  2. Hi Lou thanks alot. I'll def be continuing with Uni as work are paying for it!

    I gave Lady a big squeeze from you!!

    How are you and family?

    I'm just catching up with blogs etc...starting at the bottom of my list and working up, nearly at yours!

  3. oh man, what a time you've had, hope things start to improve for all of you, and at least you've had time to knit!


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