Thursday, 2 September 2010

September already

Ok so it doesn't seem 2 minutes since it was my last post about the bank holiday weekend!!! Hope you all had a good one. Like I wrote I was at work...but we had friends up, so I only briefly saw them on Sunday morning before they went home I went back to work. They came up to help Darren do the special effects make up for the web series Zomblogalypse that he has been working on with his mate Ian. Personally I can't wait for it to be finished as it has meant we've had very little time together this year (again) due to the time it takes to make things, all done in evenings and weekends.

Anyway, I cannot believe that it is back to school today for the kids at work...summer hols are over. Sorry kids!! Parents all over the country are rejoicing!!!

So knitting - well inbetween my blankie I have been busy making teddies for tragedy for Loving Hands - but unfortunately I wasn't able to send them in time for an urgent appeal by 1st Sept. But there is still the original request so I'll be stuffing and embroidering faces onto my teddies for tragedy again today...I knew I shouldn't have made so many and not stuffed as I went. 23 teddies sat in a bag waiting to be stuffed is alot of teddies!!!! They have been sat there a while too!! I've only got 9 left at least. I'd love to get them all done before the weekend (which is definately possible - unless I get fed up!!)

Was thinking about making some school jumpers then. But I'm really trying not to buy more yarn so might have to stick to everyday jumpers...of course the not buying yarn never works and I'm sure if I come across the right colours they'll get bought!!!!

On a personal note, I have lost another lb this week!!!!!

Well breakfast calls as does cheesy tv (Jeremy Kyle and Judge Judy - great to slob on the sofa with as I stuff teddies!!!)

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  1. Happy Just think of the good they will do!!


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