Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Got that Autumn feeling....

Yes I think Autumn has officially arrived - although of course we all knew that summer finished AGES ago!!!!

What a busy gal I've been lately - not much time for anything, especially blogging or catching up with my forums gossip!!

On Saturday Darren and I walked along the canal with Lady to Saltaire Festival it is a lovely walk from our house and took us about 30 mins. This obviously includes time stopping for Lady whilst sniffing and watching the ducks and swans. We also had to take cover twice under bridges as it started to absolutely chuck it down! Great start to the day!! But...the rain did stop and by the time we got to Saltaire it was sunny and warm. We started off in the newly renovated has been beautifully restored to this - if you want a look. Saltaire is steeped in history and I won't bore you about it but if you are interested check this out.

There were singers, bands, Guiness record holder strong man, LOADS of food and craft stalls, kids rides, small animals petting area. It was a great day!

Then to top it off we popped in to see Darren's great aunt who lives in Saltaire - she really is a wonderful character, in her 90's but full of life and fun!!

Knitting has also kept me busy. After I finally finished the teddies I've been making more BSJ's and matching hats and bootees. With the amount of things I've made I'm not sure I can find a box big enough to send it all in!!!

Nothing else really worthy of blogging about...most of the time I've just been working!!!

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  1. Ok I send a comment and it wiped it...somehow! It sounds lovely...I think I been through there a long long time ago....on my way to find the Texere Millshop....I got lost


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