Monday, 8 November 2010

Where did the weekend go?!

So I hope you all had a fun and safe weekend!! Lots of fireworks, bonfires, toffee apples and pie and peas!

We usually go to either Darren's parents or his sisters house for Bonfire Night as we always have a party - it is his mum's birthday on 5th Nov! But this year it was decided that we'd all meet up at his sisters for the birthday cake and then walk on to a local pub. There was a great bonfire, fireworks and food there.

I HATE fireworks and always have. I hate the whistles and bangs. Also, the thought of leaving Lady at home makes me sick as she hates them too. A nasty incident last year left her afraid of them. At the family party, whilst we had a break from the fireworks, the children and dogs were in the garden. However, very stupidly, the person setting off the fireworks began them again before telling everyone. Lady had just been to the loo, Darren was clearing it up. I was stood close by (as were several other people), when the fireworks started again. Lady was under the table where they were being set off!! My poor dog has been terrified ever since! Who can blaim her!

Anyway - we had a great time on Friday, the kids loved it! I do love the small of a bonfire, being wrapped up against the cold, all huddled together to keep warm!! The flames were really lapping up and the twins (8yrs old) and I were saying what shapes/things we could see in the flames - pretty cool night!

On Saturday we went for a meal with Darren's work mates to celebrate a 40th birthday. We went to our favourite Indian restaurant...yummy!!!! I went despite the fact that I was working the night shift after, I had to leave by 9pm to set off...never mind!!!

When we had all finished Darren asked for the bill and he managed to get them to use his discount card (15% up to 10 people) depite the fact we had 12 in our party. They used it on 10 peoples meal and the other 2 were full price. Which we thought was good! It was just over £207, so divided by 6 couples I said to call it £35 per couple (£210), but that's not including a tip. Interestingly when all money was gathered, only Darren and I had put a tip in!! Now the service there is exceptional - you couldn't fault anything...even if you were really fussy! Does anyone else not tip? Would you never tip, or are ther just occasions when you do/don't tip?


  1. Sounds like a decent weekend but....poor Dog. Mine used to be terrified. We didn't do anything over the weekend but could heare the fireworks all over and even see some:)
    As for tipping...we tip if the service is to our likeing, which is mostly

  2. Your poor doggie! My dogs are little nervous pups and get scared easily. They will come running to me trembling.

    Tipping....we start at a set amount and if service isn't to our liking we subtract from that said amount.


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