Thursday, 1 January 2009


We had a lovely Christmas and hope that everyone else did too. We spent the day with Darren's family, at his sister's house. Our neices and nephew are what make the day special! Then on the 28th we had a party at our house with both sides of the family and friends invited.

New Years Eve was spent again at his sisters (it's her birthday) and we had a big party! We always have a fancy dress party and this was the 1970's. Darren went as Elvis and I was a hippy chick! I'll post some pics when we download them. We were in bed by 3a.m and feel shattered now! I was the designated driver so at least I'm not hung over!

Darren is out with our dog now and I've been hoovering and doing the washing etc. It's amazing how much of a clear up is needed after Christmas! We're hoping to have a quiet afternoon before we go pick up Katy (our 10yr old neice) who is staying over and then we're going to York for the day tomorrow, one of our favourite places to go.

So has anyone made any New Years resolutions?

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