Friday, 2 January 2009

Loving Hands Challenge

Well it's been ages since I've sat down and done some serious knitting. I've not done any since my last craft fair...until last night! I suddenly realised that I had challenged myself to making 30 teddies...not sure how many I've done but I'm VERY sure it's not 30!! In fact I've not been on the site for about a month! I've loads of catching up to do! It's amazing where the time goes with getting ready for Christmas, Christmas and the New Year!

We had a lovely day out in York today and I bought a bargain box set of all the Carry On films for £35 from Zavvi. I had just seen it in HMV for £70 and was tempted but thought it was still too I couldn't resist them at £35!!! I love these films! I've got loads of holiday in january so I've got some fun films to watch whilst knitting away! I've still got that huge parcel I bought (as well as my stash!)

I've also been sketching some ideas for toy patterns so I need to sit down and make them.

Anyway I'm going to watch the last 4 episodes of Lost series 4 (what a disappointingly short series....14 episodes due to the writers strike) and get making another teddy.


  1. ready teddy go!
    I was sacked from the cracker factory for substandard jokes!

  2. Very good!

    I've made half a teddy, poor thing! But bed calls as I'm up at 5.45a.m for work :(

  3. I only managed 12 for the last challenge..but finished off all the non stuffed/ no faced little critters that others had sent to L.H.
    2009 sees more knits for me (or gifts) and charity knits inbetween.
    Also a huge fan of Carry On. Have fun watching.


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