Saturday, 10 January 2009

I have a chest infection

So my snotty cold has developed into the start of a chest infection. I was fed up so got an appointment at GP's yesterday ( I have a history of asthma, though inhaler free for 5yrs, so I wanted to get checked over). I'm on antibiotics and inhalers again. Hopefully as it's the beginning of an infection it'll clear quickly. I worked last night but I can't keep anything down so when I got home, I rang in sick for today, which was the last thing I wanted to do...after all I've worked for 5 wks with the snotty cold! Grrr!!!

Oh well it'll be films and knitting for me. I'm busy with the teddies for tragedy again. They do look funny unstuffed! I need stuffing but there's no way I'm going out for any! The deadline for the challenge is the 14th Jan so I might have to send them in un-stuffed.

I've been working my way through the Carry On films!! What a bargain and so much fun!!!

Demons is on tv tonight (ITV1) and Most Haunted Live!!! Good tv to snuggle in with!


  1. oh no! poor you!
    I'm with you on the Carryon films, DD has been off school feeling wabbit this week and we've watched Carry on Cruising and Carry on Screaming together. Great fun!

  2. Ive never known so many people to get poorly! There are so many bugs around at the minute, hope your DD feels better.

    Carry on screaming is one of my favs! Well I've had a shower now, so I feel better. I'm gonna go see what is next to watch...I'm just going through them all in order. Only problem is when I laugh too much I start coughing!!


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