Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Most Haunted Live! and Dead Set

Well we decided to leave Most Haunted Live for an hour last night to watch Dead Set. We really enjoyed it, best BB so far!!! It is a pain that this week, at the same time each night, both programmes are on. At least the next episodes of Dead Set are only on for 30 mins, so we won't miss much. However, tonight is also CSI Miami on Ch 5! .....not that our evenings are governed by tv at the minute!!!!


  1. Cant you watch one of the programmes on a +1 channel Liz? I watched Dead Set too..makes you wonder if the number of applicants for the next series of BB will go down

  2. Yeah that's what I wanted to do but then Most Haunted would finish at 1am which is ok for me cos I'm off work but too late for Darren.


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