Friday, 10 October 2008

Loving Hands Challenge

The new challenge is in which runs to the new year, the group did amazinging well for the last challenge. This is the challenge as written by Lou (founder) on the site....

Here you go then - you have all been ever so patient waiting to hear about the new challenges - this challenge will run from now right through to New Year so it is definitely Winter Knitting :0)
While I was ill we had loads of emails and two of them gave me the inspiration for two of our challenges.
The first one came from Alice a student at bristol University. She is a member of the Kenyan Orphans society charity group and is going over with a large group of fellow students to help out. She requested 300 teddies with their bags to take with them to give to the orphans as a way of 'breaking the ice' and helping the kids to trust them. I thought this was a lovely idea - we have 10 bears to start this challenge off already so just 290 bears and 300 bags to go!
The other email was from a church group who are helping a community in Zambia - they are looking for blankets of all sizes for an Aids Hospice, School and Orphanage - apparently there is a great shortage of bedding and the temperatures can drop so low at nights. It would be great to be able to send them 200 blankets to help out their charitable quest :0)
We have also decided to help out the Sailor's Society again this year and are looking for 300 hats to send them to help the sailors keep warm - as we are now almost 300 in number this should be simple :0)
Specially for our stitchers we have a challenge just for you - we are looking for 100 pairs of pyjamas or nightdressesfor Linda McDonald's orphans - I believe Suzanne will still have some of the packs of fabric and patterns available for this challenge as we didn't get any made last time round. Thought you would like a special challenge for yourselves this time. Obviously we will still need the teddy bags as well if you want something quick and easy to do :0)
Needless to say if none of these challenges appeal we still need all our usual things so feel free to continue with warm clothing for all ages for Blythswood or Linda McDonald or if you like fiddly things then toys for the orphanages or knitted boobs might fit the bill.

I'm setting myself a target of a least 30 teddies for this challenge and when I get fed up of making them I'll some some hats and blankets!


  1. Hello Liz..good luck with the 30 teddies..gulp! I have 5 here awaiting stuffing and scarves. I think I will be sticking to them this challenge

  2. Hello! I I being overly ambitious??? I'm off with my current sick note for another 2 weeks 2 days and I'm always knitting should be feasible...we'll see! Maybe I could count the 7 that Lou already has of mine held back from last challenge! Then I've only got another 23 do make!

    I should have my 1st teddy knitted by the end of the evening!

    They are definately my main challenge, I love the thought of a child somewhere cuddling a teddy I made!

  3. Good luck with the teddies! A friend of mine organised all the knitters in the village to make teddies and they were sent to Belarus for the children affected by Chernobyl (there are still long term health problems there and many children orphaned).Its very worthwhile.
    click on the yarnforward hyperlink in my post to get to the mag's website. Its not widely available yet, i was surprised to see it locallyas it wasn't in any of the major retailers around here, most of the patterns are beyond me, but its a very good read.


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