Monday, 21 September 2009


I hope everyone had a good weekend. I was working but still it was nice. We went on an outing with 2 kids and went for a picnic at Studley Royal yesterday. The weather was beautiful and really hot. A nice part of my job!

I've just got home from work and what a difference a day makes...wet and cold. It is officially Autumn tomorrow but I think we've all known it's been autumn for a few months now. Leaves turned colour and dropped in August. Acorns and conkers have been out since end of August.

It's my day off tomorrow...I have no plans really except the usual housework and knitting!!! Oh and I'm having my hair done. Just looking forward to the weekend...I'm not working and weekends are really the only time Darren and I get together...the downfall of shift working.

Anyway night night...just wanted to check in and natter about nothing really!! x


  1. OOh, whats your current knitting project then? Can we see some pics?

  2. It sure has turned aumnal...time to get the woollies out me thinks!!


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