Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Ok so I'm checking what I've been missing on the Let's Knit forum at Crafts Beautiful and was directed to read this thread:

Time sure is flying by - it is already the first Monday of the month, which means it is time to make a special announcement.
September is a brilliant time of year - the weather is getting colder and the run up to Christmas is on the horizon. A drop in temperature won’t trouble our new MOTM as she has plenty of knitted treats to keep her warm! We’re so happy to see that the knitters have settled in and really made the CB forum their own! They’ve certainly inspired a few other members to pick up the needles and get clicking again
One knitter stands out as a really lovely lady to be around, she was one of the first knitters to arrive on CB and has been a real help to others joining. Her knitterrific abilities are well known and we are delighted to announce that Buzy Lizzy is the September MOTM! Congratulations to our first Knitter MOTM!!! PM me your address and we will get a bumper stash of knitty treats out to you straight away
Thanks also go to Wiggley who will hand over her crown to Buzy Lizzy

That's me!!! I've been awarded MOTM!!! I'm going to get some goodies!!! Wonder what I'll get???

What a great day!!!


  1. Hurrah, yay, yippeee and congratulations! What a lovely write up about you.

    I hope you get your goodies real soon, because being the not very patient person that I am, I want to see pics yesterday, lol.

  2. wonderful!! that's you and you for winning the prize

  3. Thanks!! I'm so excited!!!! Wonder when the goodies will come..what they'll be and how quick I can take pics of them to show everyone!!!


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