Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Time off work

I am now off work til next Monday!!! Whoohoo!!! Shame i couldn't get yesterday off, that would have been 9 days off!!!! What's more amazing is that I've only taken 2 days off (as time owed), the rest are my days off. Not bad considering I work full time!!! Our rota has changed this week and I've got extra days off it seems, not that I'm complaining!! I normally work 1 weekend, then off the next weekend, then work, then off.

I was off the weekend just gone but cos of the change I'm off this weekend too!!!

So I've had a slow morning. I've had my shower now. Gotta dry my hair and get something to eat.

I've got lots of plans for my time off:

  1. knit more
  2. sort and tidy away uni stuff
  3. sort and tidy away paperwork
  4. sort and tidy away knitting
  5. catch up with my best mate who I haven't seen since our bdays in May!!!!
  6. de-clutter as much as possible
  7. rest and enjoy being off work!!!
  8. write up new patterns for my blog

Today I shall enjoy 1 and 7, possibly 4 as well!!

Have a good week everyone!

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  1. have fun on your break- see your pal first though, that's the most important one on the list!


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