Saturday, 9 May 2009


Here is Buffalo! x

Not sure if I've mentioned that I'm going to be an Auntie again. I have 2 neices and a nephew (Darren's side of the family). This will be the first from my side of the family, my brother is going to be a daddy! This is the email he sent with the 1st scan pic:

Dear Grandad Quang, Grandad Tony, Grandma Margaret, Auntie Liz, Uncle Darren, Uncle Khoa, Auntie Bich, Cousin Voi, Cousin Duoi

My name is Buffalo. The doctor says I am healthy and happy inside mummy's tummy. Doctor says I was sleeping. So mummy had to drink some water so that I can turn over and swim a bit so the doctor can take more pictures of me!

From my head to my bottom I am 75mm long (so this doesn't include my legs).

I'm due to come see you on 8 November but I'm not sure. It's nice and warm inside mummy.

See you in 6 months

I will send you another picture on 30 June

Buffalo xxx

I think I will make the ripple blanket from for Buffalo. I bought some lovely baby wool last weekend. Hook and wool ready to commence battle!


  1. awwwwww! how exciting! get cracking on that blankie!

  2. I've been practising and I've got the hang of the pattern now. So this evening I'll cast on my blanket!


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