Monday, 25 May 2009

Magical woods

Ok so our local woods aren't exactly magical but we love walking in them and when I took these photo on Saturday, the light made them look magical!

What has she seen??
Darren doing his impression of....something??! His Klingnon face I think he said...say no more....

I said move out of the way if you don't want your photo taken....don't just stand there....

Run Darren run....

I love how the light came down on this track.

This is the start of atrack that leads down to a site where at the turn of the last century there was an open site school for poorly inner city kids.


So not much to see I know but this is where the school was.

I just think that it was such a wonderful thing they did. Apparently a short time in the fresh open air helped them a great deal health wise.

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