Saturday, 16 May 2009

Ready for a break

After putting up with this flu for over a week I'm fed up and ready for collapsing. I've had a busy week too and have been trying desperating to write an essay which had an argument and wasn't too waffly...not sure if I succeeded but as I ran out of's been sent off...oh well nothing I can do about it.

I had a long and busy day at work yesterday, 11hrs mainly driving around for a service user appointment and contact visits but it was all worth it when they thanked me and said they hadn't expected me to do what I did, ie allow them more time together.

Today I have uni...then I need to go to Asda, do the housework I've badly neglected it. Darren hasn't done any since last weekend as he got poorly too. I think at one point I saw my dog with the dustpan and brush, it's that bad! lol

But this evening...ah this evening, I can chill. I can upload the pics of my WIP ripple blanket. I can continue making it. I can do nothing but indulge in me! Get the chocolate ready!!!!

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  1. Ooh, ripple blanket, I got all excited when I read that, lol, I hope you do get round to posting pics! I have got as far as buying lots of lovely bright coloured yarns, thats about it, working on another project at the mo.


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