Sunday, 24 May 2009

Birthday - part 2

This morning I woke up and it didn't feel like my birthday. I opened my cards..still didn't feel like my birthday.

Darren brought me breakfast in bed (aren't I lucky to have a fella like this) and requested a song on the radio for me! Still not feeling like my birthday....

We then drove to Harrogate to meet my parents and grandparents for lunch, narrowly avoiding arguments about useless family members! Had a wander round town, popped into Pets at Home,saw 2 cute dutch rabbits that I nearly got (I did put my practical head on though and quickly left!), went to Stephen H Smith garden centre in Otley, then home.

Took Lady out. Quick shower.

Darren and I then went to our local and yummiest Indian the Aagrah...gorgeous is now 8pm and finally it feels like my birthday!!!!

We're now going to shower (again cos it's so hot!!) and chill watching dvd's for the evening...too tired to go to the cinema and pub!

Thanks for a lovely day babe xx


  1. your welcome babe, u deserve it!
    love Darren xxx

  2. How lovely to finish the day off with a yummy Indian meal and a few dvds. Sounds perfect.


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