Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pippi Longstocking inspired Patchwork scarf

So I was reading this blog and I was reminded of reading Pippi Longstocking as a child. I imagined knowing her and being her - although sadly my memories of her tales are long forgotten.

But I was inspired to create a scarf from all of the small balls of wool that come as free gifts from knitting magazines. I have had them piled up in my unit - not sure what to make with them  until now!!!

I laid all the balls out in lines of colour and selected fairly randomly what I was going to use.

As it was all DK, I picked up my 4mm needles and cast on 30sts.

I worked in one colour haphazardly chosing the stitch pattern :- rib, garter, stst, moss, etc

To finish off the scarf I did a row of single crochet, then treble, then chain stitch which I attched at every 3rd st.

I really like's bright and cheerful. Think I'll make another!!!


  1. Pretty scarf to cheer up a dull day! How's Slimming World going? I lost 2 stone Jan-July this year and am at target weight now. Good luck!


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