Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pretty colours

Today is my mum's birthday - Happy Birthday Mum!!!!! I went to buy her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and then my eye wandered over to these delectable colours (don't worry I did buy my mum her flowers!!!)

I couldn't resist buying some plants...8 to be precise. I had to stop myself from buying more. They look so pretty and with the weather being so cold and wintery already I decided to cheer myself up.

 I love the next 2 orchid pics - they would look great as prints!!

Worry not after 3 beautiful white flowered plants, here is an injection of vibrant colour!!

I have put some of the plants on window sills, had a shuffle round of some on my kitchen window sill - which means that 2 others need a new home.

I really haven't decided where to put them yet. They were a complete impulse buy.

Plants had been known to be assaulted by my gorgeous cat Charlie but as he is no longer with us - they should, in theory, be safe.

At the moment the orchid is on the window sill but when we have decorated our bedroom - I think I'd like it in there. It is a tranquil and elegant plant.

Wherever they go they will definately brighten the place up!!

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