Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bonfire Night

It's Darren's mum's birthday today so we always have a big party, not that I like fireworks, but it's a nice family event.

I just hope that Lady will be ok. She is normally fine with fireworks (will go out for walks when they are going off and sleeps through them at home) but this year we've had some idiots letting them off near our house (we are surrounded by older people so I don't think it's anyone local!!) some even sounded like they were being thrown at our house. Anyway Lady got very scared by this as it was like being under attack!! She climbs onto my lap when she is scared or gets under our duvet...she'll have to settle for the duvet and some music this evening. Poor animals. Our first dog used to be terrified of them (and thunder) and would insist on going into the cellar with loud music on. We tried sedatives one year but they didn't calm him he was just a danger to himself trying to get into the cellar!

Anyway hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable evening!

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