Tuesday, 25 November 2008

More wool and craft fair

Ok so I have an addiction which is out of control....on Friday in York I bought 4 packs of wool (4 x 50g fluffy wool in each) for £1 each...bargain!

Then last night, whilst looking for some black chunky wool....only 2 balls needed...I realised that Kemps ( had the best price at £1.09 for 100g, now I've been longingly drooling over their bargain wool for AGES and I started to put some into my online basket....then before I knew it I had bought it...get ready for this I spent £155.39 (£9.50 was p&p). I can't wait to get it but I've no idea where to put it all!!

Thank goodness Darren is so understanding...but as he said, what about all that you bought for your birthday that you haven't used!!! Of course I can retaliate about all the stuff he has bought and will buy again at the IMATS in London Jan '09 which we are going to!!

Luckily my scarfs were popular at the craft fair so I've an excuse to make more with all this new wool! The black chunky is for an order someone made...

I didn't get a chance to take a photo of my stall...I had so much stuff that it took us ages to set up and then people were arriving. I'll take one at the next fair in 2 weeks. I had a nice day and it was lovely to hear peoples comments about my work!! Thank you everyone!! I take such pleasure in making everything but I can't keep it so this is the logical way to deal with my wool buying/knitting addiction!!

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