Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Gloves...what gloves...???

Ok, so I still haven't finished the gloves, only 2 fingers to go and sewing up...I've been so tired after work this week and last night the pain was the worst it has been for a while...I must get them done this evening.

I need to quickly hoover and put some washing on. Then I want to have a nice shower and put my pj's on but Darren needs me to pick him up from work and although he should've finished at 5, he reckons it'll be 8 at the earliest!!!

At least we're off for 4 days now, we've got some time together...which despite me being off work for 4 mths, we've had very little time together! At least 6 1/2 yrs on we still want to spend time together!!


  1. Hi Liz, sorry to hear that you are in pain, I know what that is like,and it is nice to hear that you are looking forward to spending time together, it's so nice awhhhhhhhh


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