Monday, 17 November 2008

Monday morning...

...and it's raining. We had such a nice weekend, in fact we went for a lovely long walk in the woods with Lady yesterday...I was quite impressed with myself! It's the longest walk I've been on since being off in July!

I'm in the final countdown for my craft fair. I need to finish a pair of men's gloves today and make another pair this week. I'd also like to make at least 2 Christmas stockings. I always want to have more stuff than I have made....goodness knows I've certainly got enough to take...more than enough in fact! I just hope it'll all fit on the table!!


  1. take a photo of your table loaded up with goodies!

  2. I just came on to say take a photo of yor table but someone beat me to it!!! I keep thinking I will do this but never do!!!Good luck


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