Saturday, 22 November 2008

The gloves are finished!!!

Yippee!!! finally got them done!!!

Anyway we've had some nice days off. We went out for lunch on Thursday and then did some shopping and went to a fancy dress shop for our New Years Eve outfits, Darren has booked his Elvis outfit (the theme is 1970's this year)...I couldn't see anything I fancied.

We spent the morning at the vets with Charlie (annual booster jabs...he's such a good cat there!!), then I had physio....I've now wearing a Tens machine to help with the pain...It's on loan for 2 weeks from them...fingers crossed! Anything that'll help I'm grateful for!

Yesterday we went to York, which is always lovely!

Today as gone even quicker and all I've done is go out with the dog this morning, clean out rabbit and guinea pig cages, housework and knitting (whilst watching Bones series 3 on dvd, which I bought yesterday!)

So, I'm off to bed now, ready for my craft fair tomorrow...

Night night!


  1. Good luck with craft fair. as for the fancy dress a crafty person such as yourself could make a costume! Me? 1970's? Id go as Carrie..very gory haha. Or the other Carrie..Carrie Fisher

  2. Oh you lucky girl you, It's a long time since I have been to my second favorite place YORK i just love it there, love all the little shops and of course the market,
    Good luck with fair....


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