Monday, 29 June 2009

Back to a long term WIP

I've been making more of the patches for this long term WIP blanket as mentioned on a post last year . I'm now on my 36th patch. I figure I need 64 patches for the size I'm making (they are 34cm each) much as I love making it, I get bored after a fact I'd forgotten about it until I got fed up of making the fluffy scarves half way through the 4th one!
Since picking this up again Saturday evening I've made almost 4 patches...let's see how far I get before moving on


  1. Oh it's going to be amazing! You should definately persevere, it's gorgeous, love the colours, love the lines, love it!
    Love Vanessa! xxx(do you mind if i knit)

  2. wow this is going to be fab and worth all of your hard work, keep at it Liz luv sue x

  3. Thanks guys!!

    I'll try to take a photo tomorrow of how it looks so far. I'm literally using oddments for this blanket but I think next time I'll buy in enough yarn in certain colours and plan how I want it to look.

  4. Teeheee, first thing which came to mind when I saw that picture was.......... FIMBLES, lolol. I am obviously watching too much children's tv with my granddaughter.
    I think it is a great project and the blanket will look fabulous when its finished. Very funky indeed. So please hurry up and finish it!

  5. Check out this post for my MIL's attempt at a Fimble!!


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