Thursday, 4 June 2009

Where has the time gone... everyone else I've been melting with the heat, the worst is sat in the car for 45 mins each way to work, as I've discovered the air con isn't working...can't remember last time it was so hot I needed to turn it on!

I must get some photos taken of Buffalo's ripple blanket because it's finished.

I've just been making teddies for tragedy lately and finishing another crochet blanket, which I'm not as happy with, so I'm going to sew the ends in and it can be a pet blanket...Lady loves my blankets!

I'm trying to decide what my next project will be...probably baby clothes and toys!!! I've got some lovely variated lilac wool that I'm going use to make a teddy for Buffalo. I know it sounds strange but I've done one before and it was so cute!!!

As much as I love knitting toys, it is so much nicer when they are specifically for someone, especially my new neice/nephew!!!

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