Sunday, 21 June 2009

Reminder to self....

It's been a while since I put any free patterns on my blog. I must sit and write them. I have some Ipod/mobile phone cases, crochet hat and purses to put on.

It's finding the time to do it instead of knitting/crocheting! Oh and of course working and uni!! lol

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  1. Oooh, ooh, crochet hat pattern, yes please!
    I had a stand at a craft fair a little while ago and opposite me was a lady who had a few crocheted berets/hats on her stand. Errmm, they weren't exactly berets, not that flat, but they were not really hats either, not sure what to call them, lol, hmm, puffy berets, rofl. You could sort of pull them up a bit so that there was room at the front to put a brooch on.......... good grief, do you have any idea at all what I am on about??? Anyway, if you have seen anything that remotely resembles what I am trying to say, please do let me know!


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