Monday, 15 June 2009

Time flies...

Ok so where did the weekend go?!

I did some uni work Saturday morning and then went to work til 10pm.

Sunday...went out for breakfast, Asda, recycling. Then home and I helped Darren with his special effects. Showered. Took lady out for walk. Made tea. Watched Alien. Bed.

Not fair...I need some me time!! Tonight maybe.....

I got home from work about 30mins ago and expected to find my rabbit and guinea pig swimming in their runs. When I went to work this morning it was lovely and sunny but then we had an amazing thunder/lightening storm and lots and lots of rain!! Luckily I always cover their runs to protect them from the sun (white rabbits burn badly) so it protects them from the rain. But I still expected the ground to be soaking inside their runs and the roads were flooded where I work. I guess it didn't storm it's dry and sunny!

(NB to self - take photos of ripple blanket)

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