Saturday, 27 August 2011

August Bank Holiday Weekend!!!

Well what is everyone up to? Will this be a typical bank holiday weekend and rain? Maybe we could get seasonal weather and we'll have sunshine and warmth.....hmmm....shall we take bets!!!?

It is my weekend off - which is great news!! Will we be doing anything? I'll let you know later...I'm rather sore after an incident at work involving me, a kid and a body slam into a door. (Just so we're clear I was the one body slammed....I don't tend to do that to the kids!!! ;) ) Ouch.

I was thinking yesterday that I haven't been posting any of my knitting/crochet. I will have to remedy this and also put up some more of my free patterns. Don't hold your breath though! I do forget and then get caught up knitting. But who wouldn't, eh?!

In my absence from blogland I have mainly been making things for charity and working on my 2nd granny stripe blanket (from Attic 24 - thanks Lucy! My 1st one can be found on my blog). In fact I was doing charity knitting and my blanket yesterday. The blanket only comes out when it is cooler as I have to sit with it draped over me as it is so big. I think I'm on my 65th stripe. I'm aiming for 80 like my 1st blanket but Darren seems happy with it as it is - and this one is for him! I made the original one so big because we were going to share it...but I selfishly decided it was all MINE!!!! I love wrapping up in it!!! So I started on one for Darren and the deadline is autumn/winter. Which of course it will be ready by then (I hope!!)

So my aim to to take pics of what I've been doing and type up my patterns. I still haven't taken pics of inside my storage boxes....Remind me and remind me till I do it!!!

Take care and have fun!!

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  1. Can't wait to see the new granny stripe blanket. I finally finished the one I was making for my son. I just couldn't stay with it for some reason.


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