Sunday, 28 August 2011

Who's morning would you prefer?

Ok so it's a Sunday morning and it just occured to me how different mine and Darren's were today (and probably every other one!). This is from 8.30am ish to now (11.55am)

  1. Woke up
  2. Turn computer on
  3. Let dog out in the garden for the toilet
  4. Fill sink with hot soapy water and put dirty plates etc in 'to soak'
  5. Make coffee for us both
  6. Go on Facebook and drink coffee
  7. Back into bed as cold
  8. Make 2nd cup of coffee for us both
  9. Back on Facebook
  10. Take dog out for walk

  1. Wake up as Darren leaves me a coffee
  2. Drink coffee
  3. Go put 1st load in washing machine
  4. Wash up things left 'to soak'
  5. Back into bed as cold and read a bit with 2nd coffee
  6. Emptied, cleaned and re-filled 4 de-humidifier containers
  7. Cleaned bathroom
  8. Hoovered the house
  9. Put away new toiletries
  10. Hoovered the sofa - we have a dog!
  11. Put 2nd load of washing on
  12. Hung up 1st load of washing to dry
  13. Soaked all dishcloths in bleach
  14. Made the bed
  15. Had a shower and Darren said he was taking the dog out
  16. Sat typing this whilst Darren is still out with the dog!

Mmmm who's Sunday morning would I have preferred!!!

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